Introducing Britvic Pink Raspberry Tonic in Albania: Elevating Beverage Experiences

This March, Britvic is making waves in the Albanian beverage market by introducing its Pink Raspberry Tonic, following the resounding success of its initial flavored tonic launch, Elderflower, in the spring of 2021. As the official distributor of Britvic in Albania, we are thrilled to bring this delightful raspberry-infused tonic to the licensed channel. With its crisp tones and fresh citrus cues, Britvic Pink Raspberry Tonic is set to redefine beverage experiences for consumers seeking premium mixers when dining out.

Adam Russell, the Director of Foodservice & Licensed at Britvic, shared his insights on this exciting development: “Flavored mixers represent a significant opportunity to encourage consumers to elevate their beverage choices. They currently constitute 11% of the mixer’s total market share. Over the past year, flavored tonics have experienced exceptional growth. Consumers who opt for flavored tonics tend to spend more than those who choose non-flavored options. Given that gin and flavored tonics are the number one choice for consumers, Pink Raspberry Tonic is a perfect addition for establishments looking to expand their mixer offerings.”

This delightful tonic, available in 200ml bottles sold in packs of 24, is exclusively available through BTW Albania Distribution. Britvic Pink Raspberry Tonic is set to elevate the Albanian beverage scene and redefine the way patrons experience their favorite drinks.

To further enhance your experience, Britvic Pink Raspberry Tonic will be supported by visual activations and will be featured in seasonal serves. Additionally, you can find it in our Mixology toolkit on Britvic’s Sensational Drinks website, accessible by visiting

Elevate your beverage offerings and stand out in the crowd by adding Britvic Pink Raspberry Tonic, a new flavored variant from a trusted brand, to your menu. With more people seeking premium mixing options, this is your opportunity to create memorable experiences in the licensed sector. Trust BTW Albania Distribution, the official distributor of Britvic in Albania, to bring you the best in beverage innovation.

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